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Treatment of Gum Recession

    Gum recession results in exposed tooth root surfaces that may be sensitive, unsightly, and most importantly, pose as further risk to loosing gums and supporting loss of jawbone. Recession is never normal, regardless of a person's age. There are many causes of gum recession including periodontal disease, overly aggressive brushing, orthodontic (braces) treatment, the shape of your teeth and roots, and improper tooth position, such as crowding. I
    Recession Defect treated by Dr. Kim (autogenous - natural tissue graft)
        If recession progresses, without treatment, it can untimately lead to tooth loss. It is important that a comprehensive examination be completed, to identify the potential risks for future progression. Natural gum regeneration is the most common treatment for recession. The benefit of these procedures is that they permit Dr. Kim to restore the tissue which has been lost or to prevent additional recession and/or bone loss.

                              .DENTAL IMPLANTS IN ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORIA



                              Recession defect treated by connective tissue graft(autogenous - natural tissue graft).

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                              Alternatively, 'artificial tissue' may be utilized in regenerating lost soft tissue. Acellular dermal matrix, or skin graft derived from outher humam sources (tissue bank) has been utilized in the specialty of periodontics for close to two decades now. Dr. Kim has been one of the pioneering clinicians to work with Lifecell and Biohorizons, the medical companies that provide this options for clinicians around the world. Together with other prominent clinicians, Dr. Kim has written clinical protocols, scientific and clinical papers, and have conducted numerous clinical training courses for fellow dentists and specialists around the globe in the use of this new and exciting material. .

                              Link to Alloderm site (acellular dermal matrix) 



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                                  Alloderm being grafted onto the root surfaces of teeth
                                    Completed case with porcelain veneers.
                                    Restorative dentistry by Dr. Yoshi Goto, Brentwood, CA.
                                      Left -Prior to Alloderm Graft                              Right - After Alloderm graft & porcelain veneers.

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